All about eCOGRA

A non-profit organisation called eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (which is more commonly referred to as eCOGRA), is an internationally accredited online casino testing agency which established in London, England, in 2003. This reputable authority is recognised around the world with numerous online gaming jurisdictions and it specialises in the certification of online gaming software and systems.

eCOGRA monitors online casinos, it records payout rates and it also helps resolve player disputes. In early 2014, the director of eCOGRA, Tex Rees, revealed in figures just what the organisation has been up to over the past ten or so years. In the ten years since eCOGRA established, a total of 7,169 individual complaints were made by players. There were just 251 in the first year and this rose to 943 in 2013.

According to Rees, 1,775 of these complaint were in fact classed as invalid due to insufficient information provided by the player, or because the player failed to respond to further enquiries. She even noted that some of the correspondence from players included abusive submissions. She also said that some complaints were made about casinos which are not actually monitored by eCOGRA, which means in these cases that eCOGRA is unable to take any action to help the player.

“What we are seeing now are an increasing number of bogus complaints from fraudulent players, who have become more sophisticated in their knowledge and tactics in trying to squeeze bonus and other advantages which were not due from operators,” said the eCOGRA Director. She then added, “However, the operators have also become more savvy in the use of security and risk protection measures and have the advantage of new technologies which enable them to identify and counter fraudsters in most cases.

eCOGRA currently monitors the day-to-day operations at 220 leading internet gambling websites. This trusted organisation has also managed to achieve the United Kingdom Accreditation Services (UKAS) ISO approval and over the years eCOGRA has obtained a wealth of invaluable knowledge. It continues to implement international best practice standards and requirements thanks to regular reviews and constant monitoring. The comments contained in this article came from the official eCOGRA website.