All about Mobile Gambling

One of the most exciting things you can do with a mobile phone is to place a real cash wager in the hope of winning real prizes. You can use your mobile or tablet device to play poker at mobile poker sites, place sports bets at numerous mobile sportsbetting sites or play on a wide variety of games at hundreds of mobile casinos.

Mobile gambling has only really taken off since the invention of modern smartphone & tablet devices. Although punters have always been able to place bets over the telephone with telephone betting services at major sportsbooks, they never had as much freedom as there is today to choose from so many betting markets and place bets at the touch of a button.

Mobile phone technology and mobile casino software have both dramatically improved since 2005, even more so since around 2012, and the rate at which these technologies continue to evolve is phenomenal. In other words, mobile gamblers today really are experiencing exciting times. Reports also show that mobile gambling is fast over-taking ‘traditional’ gambling from home computers.

More people today are on-the-go than ever before and they enjoy the freedom of being able to place a sports bet, play a few hands of poker or play on their favourite casino game wherever they may be, instead of being restricted to their home computer. Mobile phones and tablets give gamblers this ultimate freedom and the major operators have not only listened to their demands, but reacted well.

You could be sitting on a park bench and watching your bets come in as your favourite team wins, or you could be taking a spin on your favourite mobile slot while sat on a bus when the reels align on your favourite slot with matching symbols to award a progressive jackpot. There really is no limit to where you can gamble thanks to mobile phones or tablets.

Many mobile gamblers today use their iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, or iOS Android device to place wagers, but you can also gamble from a Blackberry, most other WAP enabled devices and HTLM5 phones and also from numerous Symbian devices such as the NOKIA.