Norway Online Casino Gambling

Online casino gambling and other forms of online gambling in Norway are in fact legal and the two main state-owned companies include Norsk Rikstoto and Norsk Tipping. Norsk Rikstoto presides over horse racing and other similar animal based sports, as well as tote betting, whereas Norsk Tipping provides lottery, sports and other instant betting markets. However, neither of which offer online casino products.

Although there are no online casinos in Norway that actually operate from inside Norwegian borders, there are plenty of online casinos that players can sign up to from outside of Norway, but this is actually illegal right now. In other words, if you live in Norway and want to have a flutter in an online casino, you would have to play at one which is owned by a foreign operator and there are plenty of secure ones to choose from.

There are a hundreds of thousands of online gamblers in Norway and in 2010, the government implemented a new gambling law to try and control the number of people who were actually gambling. The new legislation was very similar to the US 2006 Unlawful Internet Enforcement Act and it came into effect on in Norway June 1st 2010.

The government basically made it illegal for monetary transactions to be processed between players and online gambling operators and although the law came into effect several years ago now, there has been very little done to stem the flow of ‘illegal’ gambling. Players continue gambling at foreign-owned online casinos. The country has even tried banning the IP addresses of certain gambling portals in an attempt to enforce their law.

So although it is legal for Norwegian players to play in an online casino which operates from inside Norwegian borders, there are none to actually visit and although there are new laws in place to try and curb the growth of online gambling, nothing much has really been done to prosecute players or operators. The best thing to do if you live in Norway would be to keep abreast of the situation. Do not take anything that we have said as official laws, as they are likely to change every now and then and we wouldn’t want to get anyone in trouble.